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Rendering ShoppingCart outside of ASP.net page flow

I have cloned the shoppingcart to allow for ajax paging (our carts can have over 100 line items). When I DataBind, only the lineitems needed for the page are selected and the associate item control is created. When I render the control (see below) and try to extract the html, I get only the header line.

The paging logic works perfectly when I display the first page,using the normal page rendering in AspDotNetStorefront with Asp.net.

Any suggestions?


            var stringWriter = new StringWriter();
            var htmlwriter = new Html32TextWriter(stringWriter);
            return stringWriter.ToString();

        public void KboRenderControl(HtmlTextWriter writer)

In createChildControls I added 1 line to filter out unwanted cartitems ( which works for non-paging and selects only the items for that page).

                foreach (CartItem cItem in sortedCartItemForMinicart)
                    if (KboDisplayCartItem()) // This limits displayed items to currentt page
                        cart = cItem.ThisShoppingCart; ....

Here'ss the paging selection logic:

        protected bool KboDisplayCartItem()
            var displayCartItem = true;

            if (_kboPageSize > 0)
                if (_kboCartItemIndex < _kboFirstCartItem ||
                    _kboCartItemIndex >= _kboFirstCartItem + _kboPageSize)
                    displayCartItem = false;

            return displayCartItem;


closed with the note: Programmer stupidity
asked Aug 29, 2015 in MultiStore by AbbottF (370 points)
closed Aug 31, 2015 by AbbottF

1 Answer

0 votes
I'm going to have to close this myself. There are a counter that was always set to 0 which forced the logic to skip displaying any line items.
answered Aug 31, 2015 by AbbottF (370 points)