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Show Coupon Discount on Cart Page

We use AspDotNetStorefront 9.5.1 and I'm curious if there is a way to show the discount on the cart page once the coupon is applied?
asked Feb 24, 2017 in MultiStore by totalnoob (260 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Some discount types will show on the cart page, but for the most part they won't show until checkout.  That's intentional, since so many factors of promotions haven't been decided yet by the cart page, or may change - shipping method, logged in customer, final total, etc.
answered Feb 24, 2017 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)
Is there a reasoning behind what discount types do show on the cart page?

We're running a deal right now where you can buy 10 of a specific product for $40 off and that one doesn't show up when the coupon code is entered in the cart. We're concerned that customers will be confused and think the coupon code didn't work when they don't see a change in the total. I'm sure some will despite the success code that shows up by the coupon code input field.
I just noticed that it's doing this on product quantity discounts in version 9.5.1.

It shows the discount on the line item subtotal for the product but the order subtotal does not show the discount until the payment page.

I'm sure that some of my customers will abandon the shopping cart before they even get to the payment page because they'll be thinking they're not gettting the advertised quantity discount.

Also, I have a PayPal express checkout button that is in the shopping cart which means they won't even see the payment page.

Is there a work around for this, I need to have quantity discount prices shown in the actual shopping cart.