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Paypal Express setup - Getting "Error: [10002] Security header is not valid" at checkout.


I'm getting the following error during checkout and was wondering if anyone knows how to go about fixing this.

I only have Paypal Express (on aspdotnetstorefront version. 10.0.2)


"Error: [10002] Security header is not valid"



I logged in to my paypal and supplied the correct values for api password, login / key etc..


Also, i'm not using any other gateway.  It's already configured for SSL.  


Currently it's in test mode.   Was wondering if there is some special sandbox configuration i need.  The document didn't have any info on sandbox testing configs etc..



Please let me know.
asked Mar 29, 2017 in MultiStore by vultureds (495 points)

1 Answer

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That message comes back from PayPal, and almost always means the creds are just wrong.  Often that's a mismatch between live/test creds.  If the site's in test mode, you need test PayPal creds.  If it's in live mode, live creds.


answered Mar 29, 2017 by Vortx ScottS (13,380 points)
selected Mar 29, 2017 by vultureds
Thanks this helped.   creds were wrong.