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Department xml package is not being rendered on mobile site

Hi, I am under MS

I have started a similar thread earlier today, but I decided make a "simplified" version of it. Here it goes.

When I create Topics for our store I just write two versions of the same xml package with the same name, being one version for the skin 1 (full site) and another version for the skin 2 (mobile site) and then I put each one in the respective xmlpackage folder. Then I point the topic to that package name, and depending on if I am at computer or at mobile it will show the proper site and render the proper package. OK. I do this for years and it never was a problem.

Today I tried to do something similar but with a Department. Then I created the department and pointed it to the xml package, etc, etc. However I noticed that it only will see the xml package at the skin 1 and it totally ignores my xml package at the skin 2. And worse: it simply won't render ANY package for the Department created on the skin 2. Then in the mobile site it only shows the name of the department and no one contents.

I would expect that it at least rendered the xml package of the skin 1 that is defined in the main tab of the Department.

How can I solve this?

closed with the note: I found the solution and nobody seemed to be interested, therefore I imagined that it's not a a common problem.
asked Aug 11, 2017 in MultiStore by Yan Kleber (990 points)
closed Aug 14, 2017 by Yan Kleber