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How to open a topic inside of a topic

I use a topic as my home page

Inside this page I have a youtube video with more video thumbnails coded and hosted locally to save on a call out for JS and stuff from youtube.


Due to the fact i used bas64 images in place of the thumbnails this all amounts to a fair amount of html


Problem is when i go to make a edit on the front page it takes forever to load all the html, almost to the point it times out.


So in order to avoid any potential issues and the time consumption of loading the html, I would like to separate this self-hosted "youtube" code in another topic and insert it with a line of code into the home page topic versus several hundred lines as it is now. This way when i goto make a simple edit on the home page topic it will be much faster as it will only load the youtube code on the frontend.
asked Jun 7 in MultiStore by aflorestal (190 points)

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