Is there any way to create 2 links to a category using 2 different xml packages? My client wants to show the same products with and without images, prices, etc.
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There are a few ways to achieve this, here's an easy one:-

Modify your xmlpackage so that it looks for a querystringparameter e.g. ?images=0 or images=1

Then... Simply have the xmlpackage do something different depending upon that value.
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Thank you BFG! I will work on implementing that right away.
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Can you provide an example of how to retrieve the querystring in xslt?


Thank You!
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If you look at the very top of an xmlpackage - you'll see that you can set debug="true", if you do this, when you view the page you'll get a lot of debug info output after the xmlpackage output. In here you'll find the full xmldocument - from my example above, you'd find the zero or one at /root/QueryString/images