What does this AppConfig do?
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It enables the new PayPal Express Lightbox-integrated checkout. The advantage is it doesn't take the customer off your site  to use PayPal Express.

See more here: https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/classic/ec-lightbox/ug_ec-lightbox/
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That's sweet!
Thank you!
Does not work on our site andwe have the app config turned on. Just upgraded to 9.4 today.
Hi bowlerstore,

There's not enough information in your post to accurately determine where the problem lies, but the lightbox is currently in active development by PayPal and it does not duplicate all express checkout functionality.

In addition, there are eligibility requirements that your site must meet.  These are listed here: https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/classic/ec-lightbox/ug_ec-lightbox/

Since it's an upgrade, it could be skin-related or any number of upgrade-related issues.

I'd give vortx support a try to see if they can duplicate and/or troubleshoot the issue.

Does our paypal account need to be this for the lightbox to work?


PayPal Payments Advanced - This option allows customers to pay by credit card or with their PayPal account, without ever leaving your site. Payment is handled through a form on PayPal's site which is embedded on your checkout page. This means your site never 'touches' the credit card information, which is great for PCI compliance. 

Lightbox is an Express Checkout option.  Try testing with the new 9.4 skin to make sure it's not a skin related issue.
We were able to get it to work. However, this is a quirk...

If the customer is not logged in to their account or ifthey do not have an account set up, the lightbox will not appear. Is this correct, or is this just our issue again/

The whole idea of the light box should be quick, easy and painless. The only way we can get this to work is to either be logged in before you click the paypal button, or have the store force a customer to log in to site. They then need to re-click the paypal button for the lightbox to appear. This is not a ver smart way of doing this. After all, 99% of people do not sign in or even have an account when ordering something. Is there a work around on this?

I'm not sure.  It sounds like you don't have anonymous checkout enabled, don't have "PayPal Account Optional" set on your paypal account (see here: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Business-Archive/How-to-Enable-Guest-Checkout/td-p/607988), or don't have PayPal Express anonymous checkout settings enabled.

Do you have the PayPal.Express.AllowAnonCheckout and AllowCustomerDuplicateEMailAddresses AppConfig's enabled?

As described here: http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-1683-paypal-express-checkout-9400.aspx


Yes, it is set to true. This is the issue. Chris Bardsley at Morrisson COnsulting is stating this needs to be set to false, otherwise, it will just take customers to paypal website to login and the lightbox will not appear.

TO make more sense of this, go to www.bowlerstore.com, add something to your cart and click the paypal button in the cart. You will see what I am referring to. It takes you to paypal on another page.

Go back to our site now: Create an account and sign in to your account. Then, add something to your cart, click the paypal button again and viola, you will see the lightbox appear.

What I am getting at, is this lightbox should pop up regardless if the customer is signed into Bowlerstore.com or not.
I took a look at the code in shoppingcart.aspx.cs and it explicitly checks for a registered customer to decide whether to show the lightbox or not.  You could try removing that check for  ThisCustomer.IsRegistered and see what happens.

I checked with support and they've been working with you and I unfortunately don't have a lot to add other than the above, so I'll need to bow out.