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Where are we with the old content from the forums?

Even if it's read only, I'm sure I speak for many when I say we need it back...



asked Sep 21, 2013 in General by BFG 9000 (1,050 points)
I just googled a question about a menu problem I was having.  At least some of the old forums are still cached by google, for the time being.  Sans css of course.
Can also use Wayback

Unfortunately the search is void as you need to be logged in which does not work on a time stamped cache version of the old forum


1 Answer

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Agreed! Much of the historical forum data is equally valuable to us.

We are working to salvage and restore the data we can and make it available online as soon as possible.
answered Sep 21, 2013 by Vortx Nicole (790 points)
Hi Nicole,

Any chance of an update?
'soon' is fairly open ended...


We're hopeful that we'll have a static copy of the old forums back online this week.
Thanks Nicole!
We've restored a static copy of the previous forum here: http://forumarchive.vortx.com/
Brilliant - Thanks Nicole!