I've been upgrading a few aspdotnetstorefront site's in the past few weeks and have been getting complaints that the site looks different in Safari on a Mac.  After some screenshot sharing, I found out the site was defaulting to the mobile version for these people.  Does anyone have a fix for it OTHER THAN "just click the "go to desktop" link.
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If you have access to your SQL table MobileDevice you could try removing those values that relate to Safari.


Not sure how this would affect iphone/Ipad though, it does seem to have its own value in there.
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Which ones relate to safari?
At a guess I'd say Iphone as it's their default browser that may somehow be forcing the desktop client into a mobile view. Strange though as I've never heard of this happening before.

If you don't use mobile versions of the site you could look at changing the app config mentioned here


Maybe someone at Vortx can answer which value controls Safari. Good luck!
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I had this same issue.  The fix from the tech support folks at aspdotnetstorefront was to remove 'tosh' from the AppConfig->Mobile.ShortUserAgentList

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I think this edit should be made to the AppConfig.Mobile.ShortUserAgentList

yes - ShortUserAgentList. Answer edited. Thanks for the correction!