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I am facing the following issue:

I would like to map my products with variant. I have already mapped some of my product which has only the size and color different.  Few of my products have different weight and price depends on their size.

As I know for price I can set values like following:
2x[12.00],3x[13.00] on sizes column of ProductVariant Table

Q. Is it the right way to handle the price? Then what will be the value of price column of ProductVariant table?

Q. How do I handle the weight field? Is there any way to make it as same as sizes like 0.75,0.82(depending on sizes 2x,3x ) ?

Thanks in advance.


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1 - It looks like you're formatting the price modifiers on Size correctly, yes.  The Price column in ProductVariant should be the 'base' price that the size modifiers will be added to.  For example, if your product costs $10 for a small, $12 for a medium, and $14 for large you should have a price of 10 and then Medium[2.00],Large[4.00] for the size.

2 - The only way to vary the weight would be to set the product to Track Inventory by Size and Color, and then fill in the Weight Delta column.  http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-968-products-that-vary-by-sizecolor.aspx

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