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Manual's Instructions for "Display Order" not working

In the manual the topic "Display Order" says: Navigate to the entity type being altered (categories in the example below) and click on the main entity heading.
Following the example, in the menu item "Manage Categories" I was able to drill down to Residential Signs>Real Estate Companies > Your Castle Real Estate > Directional Signs > Open House & Home For Sale Directional Arrows.  So far so good.
Following the manual's instructions, the second-lowest page in that sequence, "Directional Signs" did have the capability of re-ordering its sub-pages "Home For Sale & Open House A-frames", "Open House & Home For Sale Corex", "Open House & Home For Sale Directional Arrows", and "Open House & Home For Sale Round Rods".  So the instructions were working for this page.  But that's not what I wanted most.  I needed to change the product order in the next level down, the lowest page.
I went to the lowest page, titled "Open House & Home For Sale Directional Arrows". From there I tried clicking first on "Products", as the manual shows.  But that showed lots of products which were not really part of Your Castle Real Estate>Directional Signs>Open House & Home For Sale DirectionalArrows.  Not good!
Nevertheless, I clicked on "Bulk Products: Display Order" the way the instructions showed.  This brought up only 4 products, 3 of which had nothing to do with the products under "Open House & Home For Sale Directional Arrows"!  Again not good.
In a panic I checked the actual web page at http://rmdsigns.com/c-46-directional-signs.aspx. Thank goodness the correct products really are there (though not in the order I wanted).
So how do I make the intructions work?
asked Apr 2, 2014 in ML by rmdsigns (150 points)
What cart version are you working with?
Actually, from the lowest page I experimented by simply clicking on the "Display Order" TAB. But under the "Display Order" tab was the message "This Category has no sub-Categories".

We are not yet using the shopping cart option so I don't know what version of it we might have if, indeed, we do have that option.  As for the overall software version, I think we have AspDotNetStorefront MultiStore Version: -- except that we have only 1 store and I believe paid for only the single store version.  License ID is: 74b84ebc-0ef9-4bd4-8d4a-3937a097dbfa

Hope this helps.
Peggy, my mistake. It is under the "Product" tab, as you originally pointed out in your post. If you do not see the correct products, double check that you have selected the correct category.

I have updated my answer accordingly.
Yes, I've selected the correct category.  Is there any way to attach a screenshot to this message?  Here are links to the screenshots:





As you will see, the products the dashboard is giving me do not correspond to the actual products on the Website.  And there is no way to reorder them. Otherwise, the category tree seems OK.
Thank you for taking the time to provide the screen shots.

It appears that the correct Products are being listed in this screen shot: http://www.denvercustomsigns.com/screenshots/BulkProductsDisplayOrder.jpg

They all align with the products listed on this page :http://rmdsigns.com/c-125-open-house-home-for-sale-directional-arrows.aspx

The only exception, is 40" White Stake, which is most likely an unpublished product, or one that does not qualify for display on the front end for other reasons.
Thanks!  I see the problem -- part of it anyway.  I was going down one level too many on the dashboard side (or up one level too many on the Web side) when trying to make the comparison.

Having straightened out the level problem, I reordered products on some pages.  I got no error message and when I logged back in to the dashboard just now the numbering seems to have "stuck" OK.  However the order of products have not changed on pages on the actual Website.

A simple example is the Coldwell Banker main page.  Here's a link to the product order in the dashboard: http://www.denvercustomsigns.com/screenshots/ColdwellProductOrderOnDashboard.jpg

There are 14 products, two of which are inactive.  I've placed  one with no picture yet (13" x 24" sign) at the bottom (number 12). I've placed the two "inactives" as numbers 13 and 14 so that they will just be extra white space underneath all the other images rather than blank spots somewhere in the middle.

However, if you look at the screenshot of the Web page at http://www.denvercustomsigns.com/screenshots/ColdwellProductOrderOnWeb.jpg, you will see that the 13" x 24" product is still appearing alphabetically above the 6" x 18" and 6" x 24" products.  

Also there are still two blank slots in the 2nd line of products.  However that might be separate from the numbering problem because, alphabetically, the names of the 2 inactive products would not fall that high up on the page.

The link to the actual page is http://rmdsigns.com/c-13-coldwell-banker.aspx

On the Dashboard page I clicked the blue "Update" button and next the blue "Order Update" button followed by the blue "Save and Close" button.  Is there some, additional button I needed to click?

1 Answer

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Hi Peggy,

To manage the display order of your products, for a given entity - in this case a category - simply click on the "Products" Tab when editing a Category.

Admin --> Organization --> Manage Categories --> Select the category you wish to edit, for example "Open House & Home For Sale Directional Arrows" --> Products" Tab --> Bulk Update: Display Order

Make sure to click the "Update" button after you have adjusted the display order.

Does that address your question/concern?


answered Apr 2, 2014 by Robert (3,440 points)
edited Apr 2, 2014 by Robert