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Skin Switching NOT working


I have setup another skin folder as per the video on YouTube called Skin_3 (Skin_1 is the main site and Skin_2 is our mobile site). This Skin_3 folder is going to be for a new site. I have gone into Store Maintenance and created a new store and assigned to that store Skin_3. I have a new domain name pointing to the same IP address and I created a new site in IIS pointing to the same directory. In the sites in IIS, under Bindings, I have entered the appropriate host header for each site.

The problem is, the skin (look) is not changing automatically, unless I use /?skin_id=3 in the URL. Obviously, I don't want to have to do that. In the video, it looks so easy, however, I have followed everything in the video AND I have searched and found a couple of other things I should do with still no luck. I have cleared cache in the control panel and I have cleared ALL cookies and data on my compter with still no luck.

My question is this: Am I missing something here? It seems that I have everything in place the way it is supposed to be, however, it is not working. It's abit frustrating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


asked Apr 3, 2014 in MultiStore by donato (870 points)

2 Answers

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You need to have a seperate IP address for each site in IIS. The problem is the fight over port 80. A seperate IP address solves this.
answered Apr 3, 2014 by donato (870 points)
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Hello Donato,

Please go through the Skinbase.cs class thoroughly inside appcode and debug OnPreInit()  method. This is the place where the skin id overwrite with default one. Check the value of the variable named as m_SkinID.

You probably miss some condition. If you don't get the solution please let me know with more details.



answered Apr 3, 2014 by anirban (1,350 points)
Actually, it was as simple as assigning a seperate IP address to the site in IIS. I had a feeling from the beginning that I needed to do that, however, I was told from TWO different sources that I did NOT need to do that. Well, you do!