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version 9.4 Display Kit Options in a jquery modal

Hi Guys,

I basically have a page with a lot of products on it, in the form of a restaurant menu.  What I would like to happen is that when a button is clicked, a jquery modal pops up and allows the user to customize the product (almost every product is a kit).  I know way back in the day, this was done with xml packages, and in version 9.4, kits are handled via controls, which I don't know as much about as I'd like to.

So what I'm asking is how would I go about doing this?  I assume that when a button is clicked, I would somehow call the normal product page, but I'd only like the product name and options on this page.  I don't need the entire site reopened into a modal.


Any ideas?
asked Oct 7, 2013 in MultiStore by brian (240 points)

1 Answer

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The controls approach is a lot better if you are using ajax, using ajax on xml packages is very clumsy and takes 3x as long as you can't use the update panel or any of the great visual studio features that are available with dot net.


See here:  https://www.benscycle.com/p-3975-milwaukee-bicycle-co-polo-bruiser-frame-builder.aspx?

Using controls you can have custom events fire and the udpate panel will allow you to show and hide events as you go, this would take forever to do in XML packages.

answered Jan 14, 2014 by Alkaline (270 points)