We just upgraded to v9.3.1.1.  The site is fast until you log in.  Once you log in the site starts crawling.  If you delete your cookies the site speeds up again.  HS anyone experienced this issue?  We are getting desperate.
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Have you run a monthly maintenance and reset the cache? It could be that you have some SQL tables that need clearing. Once you have run the monthly maint try seeing what size your SQL tables are. We had 25 million rows in our profile.dbo that were, for some reason, being cleaned.

We manually removed them and the site got quicker. Take a backup first.
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couple things we found. either someone was hitting the sitemap2.aspx or they were hitting the pagenotfound.asp

if you go to your IIS manager and click on your server. Then click on your "Worker Processes". you will see the percentage of CPU your application Pool  (that your site uses). Then double click that application pool and it will tell you what is running.
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