We have a number of customers that use our site for research and don't necessarily check out with their carts. What they would like to do is export the cart in various formats (i.e. Text File, Excel) or to actually email the cart contents to another department that would actually place the order (online or not). Does anyone have any experience in trying this?

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I forgot to mention that they asked for multiple carts/lists also. Some customers use different budgets and need to keep items in seperate lists, so this will be very helpful!

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Albert, that sounds very similar to what we are developing. We should be able to turn it into an add-on if ever interested. Feel free to get in touch with me directly.

If you plan to tackle this project in house, I suggest testing Amazon's site, they do a very nice job. Again, keep in mind, there is no list segregation on Amazon.

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Sounds like a Request for Quote kind of add-on?  We are about to roll it out :-)

Albert, if you like, we could set it up for you at a discounted price as a reference etc?

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