I would like to be able to have the ability to define image banners that go across the corner of an image that may state something like, "On Sale" or "60 Months 0%" or anything else. Maybe anywhere from 5 - 10 options.

Within the backend, while adding a product, they can simple select one of those options and it would then show on the website for that particular product. This would need to be a PNG image though, because our images are hosted through Adobe Scene 7, so this would have to be an overlay of some sort - as it would need to be anyway.

Can anyway guide me in the right direction on accomplishing this? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

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Might be worth contacting Vibe Commerce




They had an add on that they seem to have stopped selling. We purchased it two years ago and it works perfect for us!
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Thanks, Dean! Do you remember the name of the Add-On?

- Dan
Yes. It was called the Merchandising Icons Add On for AspDotNetStoreFront

Would be a shame if it was discontinued, it was only 29 dollars and works fantastic on our sites.