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How to set a mapping rule in DotFeed so that a product with zero quanity would show Availability as "out of stock"?


In the DotFeed, how do we set a mapping rule so that when a product's quantity is zero, the Availability is set to "out of stock".

We are using singgle variant structure and use tack inventory by color and size.

Storefront version

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asked Apr 29, 2014 in Rules by Pip (475 points)

1 Answer

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Track inventory by size and color isn't honored by DotFeed at the moment, though they tell me it's coming in the next major version.  For right now, all items (product + variant + size + color) will use the variant-level inventory value.

As for your rule:

If ALL of the following are true:
InventoryBalance Is Less Than 1
then set availability =      
    out of stock

The target attribute name (availability in this case) will vary by CSE, but that's the general idea.

answered May 7, 2014 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)

We are using the track inventory by size and color. Not sure what you meant by variant-level inventory value? I cann't find anything like that. Each color and size has its own inventory quantity and as you said DotFeed doesn't know that a Black Small is different from Balck Large or Blue Small or Blue Large, etc. What value is theDotFeed base on? I have tested in the DotFeed, everthing is "in stock", even when some are actually has zero quantiy.

Do you know solution to the DotFeed availability issue? Look like changing from single variant to multi-variant is not even going to solve the availability problem in the current DotFee version?

I wish the given rule works so that the availabilty issue is solved for the current DotFeed version. It is so random. The product that is out of stock is shown as 'in stock' while the in stock item is shown as 'out of stock'. Look like it's a bug for DotFeed. Some item just shows 'out of stock' no matter what.