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Ignore caching on Topics only?

Version 9.4 Multistore

I need caching of categories on, and topics off.  Is this possible?
asked May 7, 2014 in MultiStore by brian (240 points)

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Off the top of my head I don't recall there being much caching on topics if any. Mabye menus and that is it. Sure with customized source code you can add chaching but that is something entirely different. Is there an section of you are seeing this?
answered May 7, 2014 by mmcgeachy (4,330 points)
selected May 8, 2014 by brian
Well I know about the menu caching and there's also HTML caching.  The description for the HTML caching says Manufacurers/Categories/Sections will be cached.


So, I have a category, and this category's description calls a topic.  The topic it calls contains a skin token for (!NUM_CART_ITEMS!).  When I add a product to the cart with caching on, (!NUM_CART_ITEMS!) does not update.
Ah well then that more that the caching is on the catagorie then a topic. Since anything you call from a catagorie will be chached. This includes topics, other xmlpackages and tokens. This due to fact that you are chacing the end result html for a catagorie.

You can add logic to not Cache certian catagoires. The logic could be a simple of the check of an id or an xmlpackge. To add this logic you need to edit Web\App_Code\ShowEntityPage.cs. Search for CacheEntityPageHTML in the code.
Thanks for the info mmcgeachy.  Do you know if it would be possible to cache the sub categories/products, but not the description?
Not sure I fully understand the question. If you meant two differeant catagires then yes you can do some things not to cache one catagorie.

If you mean the same catagorie but only chaching certian parts of the xmlpackage out put then no. Reason being is you would be better of creating two xmlpackges in this case. Which can be done but will require heavy editing to the code in Web\App_Code\ShowEntityPage.cs to work.
I see what you're saying.  I think we (my company) can make this work.  Thanks for all your help!