I am hoping that someone can tell me the part of the user's manual which addresses contact forms.
Under "topics" I did find a page called ContactEmail which seems to be created for the purpose.  However this is not the form in use on our Contact Us page.
The Contact Us link (buried in tiny type in our footer) takes you to http:/www.http://rmdsigns.com/contactus.aspx
Using FTP, I found a file called ContactUs.aspx via the route: root directory > httpdocs > ContactUs.aspx
In spite of the Upper-Lower spelling of this file, correcting our address in this code did correct the address at contactus.aspx, so that is the correct file.
Now I need to make sure the results of the form actually reach somebody. At present they are going to an employee no longer with the firm.  The "action="contactus.aspx" means that the form posts back to itself.  So somewhere in the .js files mentioned in the head section must be the means of processing the form.  The 'onsubmit="javascript:return WebForm_OnSubmit();" looks like it is just set up to validate the contents of the form, (though I might be wrong about that).
If our present form was not created the same way the manual says to create one, I may just start from scratch going "by the book" to make the page simpler to modify in the future.
I'll appreciate any information you can give to point me in the right direction.
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Have you tried changing the AppConfig variable for GotOrderEMailTo?  This should work assuming your contact us form was not customized.
Lori McDonald
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Thank you for the quick answer.  It gave me very good clues as to where to start looking.  

I read the manual's Email Setup chapter which includes Manual Configuration via AppConfigs and mentions GotOrderEmailTo.  Plus I read related articles.
On the dashboard I find the AppConfigs under Configuration > Advanced > AppConfig Parameters
However, this alphabetical list skips from GoogleSiteMap.Xmlns to GraphicsColorDefault -- no GotOrderEmailTo is included, nor are GotOrderEmailFrom nor are GotOrderEmailFromName.  Neither are ReceiptEmailFrom or ReceiptEmailFromName.  In addition, of the nine MailMe... AppConfigs in the article, only MailMe_Port and MailMe_UseSSL are included.
According to the Email Setup Chapter , I can also modify "Receipt EMail sends from" by going to Configuration > Email and using the Test Wizard form I find there.  Clicking "Send Test" saves the entered values to the storefront AppConfigs.  However on the Test Wizard page I get an error message "Insufficient Permssions".
In addition, the Mail Server DNS, Mail Server Username, Mail Server Password, and Mail Server TCP Port are not auto-filled with whatever settings are at present in force.  And right now I don't have access to the network guys who are the only ones who know these settings.  I'm worried that even if I do whatever is necessary to get access, if I fill in only the "Receipt Email sends from (Name)" and click "Test All" that the blank settings will set to blank, wiping out whatever they are now, and I won't be able to re-establish them.
I also tried accessing the Site Configuration Wizard and got an "ERROR: Insufficient Permission!"  Right now I'm the only employee working on aspdotnetstorefront. So I've got to find out how to reset permissions -- but that's another whole problem.
Since so many email AppConfigs are missing, I contacted Chat Support and confirmed that it does appear that parts of our system are simply not there.  If, for example, we tried to add the shopping cart capability, we'd run into trouble since the basic email setup is not as it should be.  So the contact form setup is, indeed, probaby a customized one.  It looks like we have a bigger problem than just changing the "From" email address.
Again, thanks for the advice.  Even though it didn't give a solution, it certainly helped to clarify the problem.

What version of ASPDNSF are you on?

Did you try searching in your AppConfigs for GotOrderEMailTo?

If you need additional assistance troubleshooting this, let me know.  Our team often helps clients unravel things that may have been done incorrectly and help get the site reconfigured properly.


Lori McDonald
Brilliance Business Solutions
AspDotNetStorefront Preferred Development Partner
We have version  It turned out to be MSx rather than ML8 which is very surprising since we are using the software for only one company and  if (big IF) we go forward with an upgrade we will investigate dropping down to an ML8 version if ML8 is less expensive.  Even ML8 has more features than we will ever use.

Yes, in conjunction with talking with Chat Help I tried searching AppConfigs for GotOrderEMailTo and also tried searching it for the ex-employee's name.  We determined that the only AppConfigs pertaining to email which exist are MailMe_Port and MailMe_UseSSL.

I have to present my boss with all the facts and figures and $ amounts later this week.  Then we'll decide what to do.  One thing is for sure -- we need to get the whole system to the point that what we have is in line with the documentation so that we can easily read the instructions and make changes when we need to!

I really appreciate any recommendations you have.