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By default, Msx sends an order confirmation to admin/user whenever an order is placed. I would like to change the subject line of the email. For example, new order confirmation email has the subject line : AspDotNetStorefront New Order Notification(Test mode). I have deleted the (Test mode) by going in to string resorce manager. I couldn't see the word AspDotNetStorefront in string resources instead it says {0}. What is that? Are they refering to root? How to change the 'AspDotNetStorefront' from email subject line?



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I believe the "AspDotNetStorefront" text is coming from the value in your StoreName AppConfig, you can change that in the Store Configuration Wizard or in Configuration > Advanced > AppConfig Parameters (search configs for 'StoreName').

The (Test mode) text in the subject will also go away once you set your store to use live transactions. Also available in the Configuration wizard or AppConfigs, search for 'UseLiveTransactions'.

I wouldn't recommend removing the (Test mode) from the string resource, it might make it difficult for you to tell which orders were taking while your store was in test mode and which were taken in live mode.
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Excellent. Many thanks, Vortx Nicole!