There is a 3rd party solution called ShipRush, but it does not support website integration for UPS.

I've been able to use the import/export function on my ASPDotNetStorefront website to export orders to a file that UPS WorldShip can import to process orders, but this requires that I first mark each order as "Ready to Ship" individually, and there does not seem to be a way to designate ALL orders as "Ready to Ship" with one click but requires that I so designate each order one-by-one.

I found another 3rd party solution called T-Hub, but they are not a UPS Ready Provider, which means my UPS Customer Technology Program subsidy cannot be used to pay for this solution.

Any suggestions? Could the ASPDotNetStorefront WSI (web services interface) be used to help mark ALL my orders as "Ready to Ship" with one click or automatically?
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You could have the items all get marked as ready to ship by writing a trigger on the insert of the order that changes that values (after initial insert) to 'true'. You will still need to do the manual import and export back into ASPDNS to handle tracking numbers though.
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