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Is there a way to search this forum?

I have just registered to use this new forum format and have a question regarding Google discontinuing Google Checkout for those vendors who sell physical product.

Before I post my question, I wanted to do a search to see if someone else may have already posted and received an answer to the question.  Many times I find that if I have a question, others have the same question as well.  The forum is still small because it is new and I could sort through the tags - but as the site grows, that is not as easy to do.

Is there a way, besides looking through the tags, to search for a question/answer before posting what may be a repeat question?

Thank you,
asked Oct 15, 2013 in General by pennypatt (505 points)
Google    your_search_term site:forums.vortx.com

2 Answers

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Does this help?


answered Oct 15, 2013 by BFG 9000 (1,050 points)
I've already do that to search but i see nothing old post.
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When you go to ask a question, if there is already a question posted that's similar to what you're asking, it will display a list of links to choose from.

You can try this out - go to Ask a Question, and try typing in 'xmlpackage' - once you move on to select a category it should tell you 'Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already...' and display a list of similar posts.
answered Oct 15, 2013 by Vortx Nicole (790 points)
I have same problem