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How Do I add products to the topic pages?


Does anybody know how to add certain products in a topic page? I tried adding this code through the topic page <html>:

(!XMLPackage Name="featured.xml.config" usecommadelimitedproductlist="true" commadelimitedproductlist="1,2,3,4" headertext="Featured Products" numberofitems="4" columns="4" showprice="true" !)

It doesn't seem to show/display the products....


Thanks in advance...
asked Jul 17, 2014 in MultiStore by clickacig (160 points)
I take it you have done the featuredstyles.css to within the app_themes folder? You could try this to see if it works.

If you have added the code you mentioned to the featured.xml.config to the web/XmlPackages folder.


Try copying the same file to the web/App_Templates/Skin1/XmlPackages folder also to see if that works

2 Answers

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Using the Bootstrap responsive design, really trying to do the minimum customization (the site is for an old product line that just won't die.)

The site sells 3 software products... A, B, and C.  and two "bundles" A/B and A/B/C.  (The bundles are actually "products" with their own SKUs in ASPDNSF.)   I have 2 "Products" categories (one for the standalone products and one for the bundle products).

so... instead of the navbar being    "Browse Categories v"   and "Browse Brands v"

what I'd like is "Products v" and "Bundles v".

In the template, I see this line

  <aspdnsf:XmlPackage runat="server" PackageName="entitymenu" RuntimeParams="entitytype=category" />

but what I'd like is this:

   <aspdnsf:XmlPackage runat="server" PackageName="entitymenu" RuntimeParams="entitytype=products, catid=3" />
 I know I can hard code the menu choices like the Account pull down does, but I'd rather use the power of the xmlpackages.
I've spent some time looking through template.master and entitymenu.xml.config and I don't see support for anything like this.  
Still... a Products menu is pretty common on a lot of sites, I feel like I'm missing an easy way to do this.    Am I?
answered Aug 20, 2014 by jake (250 points)
reshown Sep 17, 2014 by Vortx Erik
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Not sure if you ever got this to work, but you most likely were referencing the incorrect xml package.

(!XMLPackage Name="featuredproducts.xml.config" usecommadelimitedproductlist="true" 
commadelimitedproductlist="1,2,3,4" headertext="Featured Products" 
numberofitems="4" columns="4" showprice="true" !)

The above xml worked just fine for me. You want to make sure you are pasting it in the html tab and not design tab so there isn't any extra formatting as well.

answered Sep 16, 2014 by brilliance_mclausing (260 points)