Is there a way to have the "Related Products" for a product display a sub-manufacturer rather than an individual product? For example, if you had a drill, and you wanted the related products to show dnrill bts, do you have to only show individual drill bits or could you show a sub-manufacturer that would contain all the different drill bits compatible with that drill in their different sizes?
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Hello Jacob, this would require a custom modification where it could take the manufacturer of the product being viewed and bring in other products of that manufacturer (or any other custom loading logic you need)...
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I already ahve that modification, and it is not really what I am looking for. What I want to do is ahve an item (bosch drill) and under related products display a submanufacturer (bosch drill bits) instead of having to post a specific drill bit (3/4" x 18" SDS-PLUS HC2014). At the same tiem I do not want to lose my ability to put indidual products (different bosch drill) in the related products.
I see, so bring in products that are mapped to the child manufacturer (Bosch drill bits) of the viewed product's manufacturer (Bosch drill)? - all in addition to the current functionality? This could be done by updating the related products XmlPackage/Stored Procedure depending on what current customizations you already have.

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