I get this message when I click on the forgot password link after providing my email address.  I need to know why the application can not send out the email with the temporary password.  We are receiving emails for orders so I know the email settings are correct.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Odd that you would get notifications but still get this message. The system believes there is something missing or wrong in the email setup.

Is this with a multi store perhaps? The first thing you would do is use the TEST function in the admin Configuration - Email menu, using the same email account you had the password issue with (assuming it is also an Admin account), as the receipt and shipping email test go to that email while the admin notification test goes to the admin email in the setup.
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No, this is not a multi-store.  I created a new account and then ran a SQL against it to set the IsAdmin = '3' so I can log in as an administrator.  I can not log into my original account as I have no idea what the password is so I can not log in with that account and try the email test.  In addition, the email test screen does not appear to test the "new password created" email that I expect to get when I reset my password.  

I tried clicking on the TEST ALL EMAILS button and this is what I get as a response:

Receipt Email Failed:
 ¬∑Authentication failed. Check your username and password to make sure that the correct username and password are entered in.

New Order Notification Email Successful

Shipped Emails are disabled.

what does the Authentication Failed message mean?  Where does this user name and password get set up.


That is a really odd response to the test email. Apparently your email SMTP server is allowing you to relay emails to the email address you have in your admin notification field, but NOT allowing relay to any external emails otherwise.

Authentication failed means that the email SMTP server you are using requires a username and password in order to relay those emails. That is typically the email address and password you need when you log directly into their email service. You should have that info available, but if not, you need to contact the email service provider you are trying to use for the SMTP relay service, and coordinate getting the right credentials with them.

Once you have created another super admin, you can manually set a password on any accoount so you can regain the other account, regardless of the email functionality.