I am working on an issue where UPS is returning very high rates for express shipping options.  We previously were not returning a live rate.

I went into the rtshipping.ups and added our 6 digit account #, and set live rates to true. But from what I can tell, we are still not getting live rates.

As per the aspdotnetstorefront manual, we feel that everything has already been set properly - 
Can someone help me regarding this?
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If you have successfully setup Real Time Rates and have verified they are being pulled (use the AppConfig: RTShipping.DumpXmlOnCartPage on the Standard checkout), but do not like the rates being pulled (too high or low), then check/set the following AppConfigs:

RTShipping.MarkupPercent (affects ALL returned rates, can be negative)

RTShipping.DefaultItemWeight (used when product weight is not available)

RTShipping.PackageExtraWeight (added to all orders)

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Thank you, I will check it.