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How to integrate the AJAX shipping calculator to your website?

I'm trying to integrate tha Ajax Shipping calculator to my website, but I couldn't find too much information.
And enabled the parameter ShowShippingAndTaxEstimate
But nothing happens. Not sure what I have to do.
Could you help me? I need to show shipping estimator and display the Shipping cost in the Summary Cart control at the checkout payment page and Orden Confirmation page.
Thanks and regards.
asked Sep 8, 2014 in ML by alfreddev (120 points)

1 Answer

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Do you have an example product page I can look at? Also what version are you using?
answered Sep 8, 2014 by mmcgeachy (4,330 points)

Yes, the version is: AspDotNetStorefront ML

This is the website, product page: http://www.oxo.com/p-1373-grape-cutter.aspx


On your example product I can't find revAjax.js or the AjaxShippingZip input.

Please add <script type="text/javascript" src="jscripts/revAjax.js"></script> to your master page.

Also add <xsl:value-of select="aspdnsf:AjaxShippingEstimator(VariantID)" disable-output-escaping="yes"/> to the procut xmlpackage.