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Related products are showing up for products that don't have related products assigned.

I use related products, but am finding that there are some products showing up that should NOT have any related, and still  have totally unrelated products displayed at the bottom of their page.  Sometimes it's one related product, sometimes it's as many as 10 (as I've set the max).  Has anyone else seen this problem come up w/V9.3.1.1?
asked Sep 9, 2014 in MultiStore by kchenot (155 points)
There seems to be a trend that this only happens for products with an XmlPackage format of product.simpleproduct or product.simplevariant.  Usually a max of ten show up, but on occasion only one 'related product' that is not related does show up.

For products that I can list as product.kitproduct, only the related products that I have assigned will show up.  If I do not list related products, none show up.

1 Answer

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Have you checked if DynamicRelatedProducts.Enabled is set to True?  It sounds like you may want to set this to False
Lori McDonald
Brilliance Business Solutions
AspDotNetStorefront Preferred Development Partner
answered Sep 11, 2014 by bbs_lmcdonald (2,330 points)
Thanks, this did help with unwanted products showing up.  I set DynamicRelatedProducts to false, however I'm still having trouble getting my related products to show up.  We set up some of our products with kits, and it appears that those are the trouble ones; they display Upsell products fine, but not Related products.  Non-kit items will show Upsell as well as Related.  Don't want to use Upsell at all, but can't disable until I can get the Related working site-wide . . . Is anyone else having this issue?