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Gift Cards and PayPal Express

When we made the move from ML to 9.4 last month (Sept) we also changed from PayPal standard to PayPal Express.

We just discovered that gift cards do not work with PayPal Express - basically the customer keeps looping from the checkout screen to PayPall and then back to the email recepient page - there is no way to complete the order.

I submitted an issue and was told that it is in the development queue but it has not yet been scheduled for a particular release yet.  Gift Cards work in PayPal standard but not express.

Needless to say, this is disappointing because the holidays are where we sell the majority of our gift cards.  Luckily, a customer stumbled across this prior to our busy season.  We had tested gift cards and PayPal Express, but not gift cards 'with' PayPal Express.  There is nothing in the documentation indicating this as a problem.

Is the only option to go back to PayPal Standard or is there another work around that others are using?


asked Oct 7, 2014 in MultiStore by pennypatt (505 points)
Did you upgrade to If so then I believe that Certificate and Physical Gift Cards cannot be used with this version.
Sorry, I just saw your reply.

We are on and we only have use the eCertificate and only have the problem with PayPal Express.  The eCertificates work with all other forms of payment.  I went ahead and changed back to PayPal Standard and we are again able to sell eCertificates with PayPal as the pay method.

We didn't have a choice as we have to be able to offer gift certificates during the holiday season.

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