Trying to set up a promo code to give a free gift when someone purchases 10 of a list of products.

The Promo Discount is set for the gift item and a discount of 100%.

The Product requirements have all the qualifying items (12 of them) checked off. I have the Require Quantity set to 10.

So this works fine if the customer puts 10 of one of the items in the cart. It doesn't work if they put 2 of 5 different items.

I guess that it doesn't do the math and add up the total purchased, or I'm doing something wrong.

Any insight on how it could work?
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2 Answers

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In Enable Product Requirement do you have "all" flagged? Try changing to "any"
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It is set to "any". It just doesn't work unless the customer adds 10 of any product.

It's frustrating to our customers who are seeing this promo listed but it's not coming up in the cart.
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In the past, we've setup a temporary entity, such as a category or section, grouped the products into that and set a promotion on that entity.   Works particularly well if you aren't showing sections in nav anywhere.
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