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What's the best way to display a subcategory under multiple categories?


I'm managing a store that has products (industrial heaters) that can be categorized in various different ways. For example, we have a category of "etched foil silicone heaters" that people might reach by browsing two different ways:

Flexible heaters » Silicone heaters » Etched foil silicone heaters

Flexible heaters » Etched foil heaters » Etched foil silicone heaters

Our current solution for this conundrum is to have two different "Etched foil silicone heaters" categories with identical names, descriptions, and product listings. However, this seems less than ideal; for one thing, it means that whenever we change one of them, we have to make sure to go in and change the other one too. Also, search engines probably don't really know what to make of the duplicates.

What would be the best way to go about displaying this category? My dream solution would be a site architecture where I can list the single "Etched foil silicone heaters" category under both different parents, but I realize this would be problematic: the folder has to be located under one or the other in the site files, and the breadcrumbs need somewhere to trace back to. Nonetheless, is that, or something similar, possible? Perhaps even with dynamic breadcrumbs that display whichever parent the customer navigated from?

Another possibility I considered was to replace one of the two with a redirect to the other, but then the browsing directory wouldn't show the subcategories for one of them - it would appear as a dead end with no dropdowns under it.

Is the most elegant solution perhaps to just promote "etched foil silicone heaters" to a category of its own? Right now that doesn't seem like a good solution, but it's possible that I could be convinced.

Thanks everyone!

asked Oct 14, 2014 in MultiStore by Nathanael (425 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Nathanael...I would do the recategorization route... you do NOT want to have 2 categories with same name and products/more less.

It would create confusion and also not good for SEO!

Thank you,
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answered Oct 30, 2014 by jsimacek (6,885 points)