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I want to add MPN column in Admin Product Manager

asked Nov 10, 2014 in MultiStore by fit2page (110 points)
Manufacturer Part # is already an editable field in the Admin Product Manager. Elaborate?
Hi Robert,

What I meant is adding a column in the overview, not the ProductManager Window.

So in the screen http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-977-manage-products.aspx

I see ID, name and SKU but not the MPN.

Hi Marc. Do you own source code? The logic resides in ProductGrid.ascx (Admin/Controls) and Product.cs (ASPDNSFCore).
I ended up at this point:


List<GridProduct> allProducts = base.Datasource as List<GridProduct>;

Which gets it's data definition from ASPDNSFCore

I cannot get to that. Would it be possible to redefine this in the usercontrol and add the MPN column to the datasource?


Thanks in advance,


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