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Cancel downloads order and remove links in account?

We are using We sell downloadable files (audio/video/print).

Is there a way to refund a downloadable order, and turn off the links in the customer's account so they can't access those files once an order is canceled & refunded?

We currently have our store set to allow unlimited period to download purchased files.


Bob Singleton
asked Nov 22, 2014 in MultiStore by singproinc (195 points)

I received this solution to this from support:


Hello Bob,

It looks like something we should code into the cart to manage. In the meantime, here is a sql command you can use to rid the cart of the download, but keep it in the order table:

UPDATE Orders_ShoppingCart
SET DownloadStatus='3'
WHERE OrderNumber='xxxxxx'

So when you refund an order, run this in the Configuration - Advanced - Run SQL window using the proper order number. This will hide the download from the customer's download page.

Thank You,

Erik Sutton
Technical Support


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