I have an installation of AspDotNetStorefront, and after attaching a new (sub) category to an existing category, I find that when I try to add a (sub sub) category under the newly created (sub) category immediately, The dropdown box for the 'parent' property of the new (sub sub) cataegory does not contain the just added (sub) category.

I know this might be a second question on its own, but I also find that when I orchestrate a small tree of catagories (usually resetting the cache, rebooting the service, and/or using lots of foul language)  and then attempt to publish them, they have a tendency to ... well.. disintegrate away from the tree structure.

Finally, I recently unpublished a category with a single product. Several Hours later, one of my customers reported seeing said item on the site!

So my basic question is - what the heck is going on with these items?
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What version are you on? We had that bug in but seems to be fixed in 9.3

Also we found that using Chrome this issue was not showing. Resetting the cache usually does the trick but you may need to restart the site within IIS to see if that makes any difference.
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Also, please note that unpublishing a category does NOT unpublish any products mapped to it.
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