Our store is ML 8.  I was using Firefox 24 as a browser and had no issues until an update was force fed to it last week.  The update caused the removal of the HTML editor in the description area when adding new products to the store. Instead of viewing the HTML editor, what is displayed is HTML code - to add a product with the same fonts, etc. as other items on our website, I would have to code it in HTML.

I contacted Mozilla, which was no help.

I then downloaded Firefox 25 beta hoping the issue would disappear - it did not.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for a workaround?

It's worth noting that I was using Google Chrome untl last week when they came out with a security update that disallows showing a frame within a frame, which is how the backend of the storefront appears when you are trying to take an order over the phone. Hence, I switched to FF 24 and the rest is painful history.
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It sounds like the Editors in the ML8 are not compatible with the latest browser updates in FF...did you consider upgrading to MultiStore? Would you like a quote? Email me (Jan) at  jsimacek at compunix.us  for a quote...
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L. Dreist,

Yes, we have experienced this, and yes there is a workaround. The updates are fairly simple, requiring you to insert a few additional lines of code to roughly 4 different pages.

See here for needed updates: http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/aspnet/editor/radeditor-for-asp-net-does-not-work-properly-in-firefox-6.aspx

We have sucesfully implemented the updates on v cart. HTML editor works in Firefox 24 & 25.

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any quesitons or difficulties implemting the updates.


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Thank you for help with that.  At the risk of placing this code in the wrong file, am I correct that it should be placed here:

Entityeditproducts.aspx.cs in the Admin folder?

If it's supposed to be placed elsewhere, please give me a heads up.  If it matters, we are using "simple product" for a layout.
Yes, that is correct. Other files that contain the RadEditor are are: entityEditProductVariant.aspx.cs, topics.aspx.cs, entityEdit.aspx.cs, news.aspx.cs, orderOptions.aspx.cs (all in the Amdin folder).

No, XML Package layout does not matter.
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I placed the supplied code in the Entityeditproducts file in the admin folder and the following occurred: when in the admin section of our website, clicking on any product resulted in an error message and the product no longer being accessible (this is in the backend only - customer interafce was not effected).  When the code was removed, the prodct info/page was rendered as normal.
Make sure to update the code according to your RadEditor instance name/control ID.