We currently have a retail store but offer customer classes with discounts to account customers. Discounts are % but we also offer customers with volume fixed pricing beyond the discounts above. Currently we have to create a second product, assign it to a customer class and then use extended pricing to map a lower price than the predetermined discount. In a perfect world Retail would be a base class(no login required), Discounts applied to customer class and fixed pricing as well. This would not require multiple listings.

How do I use one product to offer all this and not be required to login unless you are a customer with discounts. Ultimately I don't want:

retail product with level discount - second product with extended price discount

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Just starting to look at this, are you saying I can have a default assigned(DefaultCustomerLevelID) class as retail that anyone coming to the site will see as pricing with no login or registration required. These are typically credit card orders.

 Then we give wholesale customers thier % discount via customer levels and override % options by giving select products fixed prices for each customer based on individual levels or  ID's. The end result being three pricing levels.

1. Retail - no login required - everyone sees and can pay with credit card to purchase
2. Customer Levels - must login - get percent discounts assigned by us manually
3. Extended Pricing - this overrides all other and provides custom SKU pricing per item for every customer ID on the list.

I guess I have to start testing this to confirm.