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Edit Order version 9.4

Hi i am just about to update to version 9.4 hopeing that the option to edit orders is now availabe. Unfortunitly from the test site i just installed this option is still not availabe. We are a B2B company that accpets orders as purchase orders and does not process any payments online. Having the option to edit order is very important to us as most of our order require being edited and having to force void the order everytime a change is made is very confusing and a wast of time. Can anybody guide us to how we can go around this. We hve been a customer for aspdotnetstorefront since 2005 and always hoped we can have these feature added. We keep renewing our updats rights every year in hope to have this feature added but no luck till now. Please help us.

Thanking you in advanced

Kindest Regards

asked Oct 24, 2013 in MultiStore by ccjapan (140 points)

2 Answers

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What are you trying to edit with Orders? Just the total? Cause if it is just the total then Adjust Order Total button may suit your needs. This buttion may not be showing up for you however. We used the Adjust Order Total feature with credit cards before we were able to caclulate freight online.

Since you have a place to test then I would try doing few edits to orderframe.aspx.cs.

adding this adding this bool:

bool IsPO = (PM == AppLogic.ro_PMPurchaseOrder);

Then edit this if statment to have an adds an or to the if statment below

if ((IsCard || IsMicroPay || IsPayPal || IsCOD) && (GWSupportsAdHocOrders && GW != Gateway.ro_GWGOOGLECHECKOUT))

Does that do what you want?

answered Oct 25, 2013 by mmcgeachy (4,310 points)
Hi mmcgeachy Thank you very much for your support very kind of you. I shall try this option you mentioend but I am not sure if its the solution we are after. Being its not just a case of changing he total price but a matter of removing or adding items to the purchase order.

Shall try this out . Thanks again

Ah just saw that you are talking about adding and removing line items. Then no without custom coding the order line items can't be modifed.
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I know this is an old post, but you have to change the default value on order editing to do this.  I am running version 9.2 and I change orders all the time.  We are also B2B and so it is indeed a very necessary function to have!  I just wish there were better descriptions for what all the little codes mean on the mini-browser window.

Enabling Order Editing

To enable this feature, simply set the OrderEditingEnabled AppConfig to true.


answered May 16, 2014 by Catman (360 points)