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Add topic to createaccount header?

Is it possible, without code, to add a topic header to the account creation page?

We have requirements that need to be met before a customer can view pricing, and we're finding that people who browse anonymously and then click directly on the "Login" link do not see these requirements. They register (bypassing the account requirements page) and then immediately email us asking what's wrong -- They never see the requirements needed to view pricing. We're trying to find a way to inform customers of these requirements before they attempt to register an account.
asked Oct 24, 2013 in ML by donttryathome (165 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The easiest is to add the topic reference into the  createaccount.aspx  (not code but aspx file).

Also, there is a topic at top called  CreateAccountPageHeader  that you could use...
answered Oct 25, 2013 by jsimacek (6,885 points)