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Smart One Page Checkout -Due Date Drop Down Customer Issue

Recently, customers have to call in to compete the smart one page checkout (smartchekout) because when they entered their CC due date incorrectly and they are unable to re-enter the correct due date. They say the drop down menu won't allow them to enter the correct date-it just reverts back to the incorrectly entered date.

We are tying to get more info like browser type when they call in.
asked Jan 26, 2015 in MultiStore by STOP Signs (110 points)

1 Answer

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A few questions:

What version of ASPDNSF are you on?

I assume that when you say due date you are talking about the credit card expiration date?

Have you been able to replicate the issue?

Lori McDonald

Brilliance Business Solutions
AspDotNetStorefront Enterprise Development Partner
answered Feb 2, 2015 by bbs_lmcdonald (2,330 points)
I am using 9.3.1.

Correct, the expiration date is the issue.

It happens about once a week. I tried to replicate by putting in the wrong month on one test and the wrong year on another. They went through?! So this makes it more confusing. I'm going to check with my merchant provider.
I just had a customer call in using Chrome (I don't think it is a browser issue) and he mistakenly put in 5/15 and it should be 6/16. He was unable to put in the correct date as the drop down menu would not allow the correct date.

I wish I could replicate but I cannot.
We are using version 9.5 and just had a customer call in with the same issue. I don't know what browser he was using, but suspect it's not a browser issue.
I have finally heard that this is a known issue, regardless of the version.

The solutions is not the best-have customer go back to shopping cart to reset or remove the one page checkout.