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Email Form directly on Product Page - Notify When Product is in Stock.


I have created an xml package called product.comingsoon.xml.config which is a copy of the TabbedUI package that we are going to apply to products that we do not have in stock currently.  What I would like to have on this page is a simple 1 field email form that the user inputs their email address into and presses the "Notify me when in stock" button.  This action should send us an email with the users email address as the "From" address, and the subject of the message sould read "Notify When In Stock" - "Product Name" which I believe pulls from aspdnsf:GetMLValue(Name) in the subject line as well...  any direction on this tweak would be greatly appreciated.!



asked Feb 10, 2015 in MultiStore by Ru-DoGG (175 points)
edited Feb 10, 2015 by Ru-DoGG

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You can do this but it requires a bit of coding work because you need to:

  • Create the form that shows on the product page asking for the user's email
  • Save these email addresses in a database table ready for when the products are back in stock 
  • Write a scheduled process that regularly checks stock levels and emails customers when stock is available, then removes their email address so that they don't get repeated emails
  • What would also be good is to report on those out of stock products that are receiving the most stock enquiries

I probably can't promote third party products on here, but there is a module that does this for you. Simply search in Google for 'email stock aspdotnetstorefront'



answered Feb 16, 2015 by Webopius (650 points)
Thanks for the feedback!  The automation end of your solution is a bit more than we are interested in.  I have a file called notify.aspx with an accompanying .cs file that I have displaying on the product page in an iframe.  This form asks for an email address and when th user presses submit, it just sends us an email with the users email address and and a subject that says notify me when in stock.  We would then manually email the customer when the product arrives.  The only problem I am having now is figuring out how to query in SQL on either the .aspx page or the .cs page to get the product name to be available in the form so I can append it when the message sends.  This whole proess will be a manual one with letting cutomers know when the product arrives at this point.  Any suggestions based on that info?


Thanks again!!