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Automatically generate a coupon code after order


I am new in storefront develpment.I want to automatically generate a coupon code for the registred customer after their order.after the oreder the sysytem need to generate a coupon code for the discount of 5% for his next purchase.and the code will send by email.Can I do this in asp.net storefront.How can we done this.Or is there is any  package available for this ?


Thanks in advance for help...   :) :)
asked Feb 20, 2015 in ML by arunmawaqaa (125 points)
Arun, there is nothing OOB for this, but we do have a module which fulfils this need. Emails are automaticaly sent x days after order has shipped. x being configurable. coupon can be automatically generated or staticly set. the module also includes a landing page were customers can share product review and comments before a coupon is provided (optional). Simply send me an email and I'll send you all the details. reach me at robert [at] govedia.com

1 Answer

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Please note, this is a very old/existing plugin available at http://www.ecommercecartmods.com/p-40-order-auto-coupon-emails-for-aspdotnetstorefront.aspx 

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answered Mar 2, 2015 by jsimacek (6,825 points)