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Checkout "Email is required"

We are getting the message "Email is required" in the bright red at the top of the checkout page when trying to checkout.  The customer has already created an account and entered a password so entering the email address should not be required.  Customers cannot get past this stage of the checkout when this occurs.    

Does anybody have any insight to handling this issue?

asked Feb 24, 2015 in MultiStore by phdm3 (150 points)
What is your store version and URL so we can see what is going on? If the site is asking for an email from the customer, then it sounds like they are NOT logged in at that time. They may have logged in and/or just created an account, but for whatever reason are now logged out. The software "out of the box" would not ask for the customer's email if they are logged in as a registered customer.
We are on version and our site is www.orientexpress.com

Here is an image to show you were it is located on checkout.

Since that is getting thrown on the payment page, my best guess is that is has to do with the payment gateway setup.

Otherwise, do you allow anon checkout, and also have AnonCheckoutReqEmail FALSE?

1 Answer

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Just an update, I believe it was determined that the message was actually coming from the Authorize.Net gateway, not the cart itself...

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answered Mar 2, 2015 by jsimacek (6,825 points)