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I'm working on integrating our ASPDNSF with Microsoft Dynamics GP, being the last the MASTER source, the problem comes when importing customer accounts because GP allows two different users to have the same email address and in fact that's a behaviour we must keep but aspdnsf doesn't allows two different users having the same email address. I'm trying to adapt ASPDNSF without having to make to much modifications, is there any built-in functionality that allows me to implement this?


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Hi Alejandro,

Yes, have a look at the "AllowCustomerDuplicateEMailAddresses" AppConfig. 



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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer. Do you know what would be the behavior if the two different users with the same email address try to log in? From what I've read I think ASPDNSF will only take into consideration the last created user for log in.
Hi Alejandro,

Correct, it will validate against the most recently created user for signin. Be cautious, enabling this AppConfig can lead to complications.

More info can be found here : http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-1491-anonymous-checkout.aspx