Has anyone else encountered this:

We are using SmartOnePage Checkout and find it does not work consistently - sometimes a user is shown 'OnePage' when checking out, the next time it does not appear and they get the multipage checkout.

I've used my own login to our site and tried to checkout and have been shown 'OnePage" on one occassion, multipage on another.

Anyone else have this happen?
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I am experience the same exact problem(s).  Is there any fix?

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This will happen on purpose when there are certain types of products in the cart that don't work with the Smart OPC, such as Gift Cards. If you are seeing this occurring, review the products involved and you should find something that requires special input from the customer to complete.
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Not true: we don't sell gift cards and  the products entered by the customer, and me when I tried it, required no special input of information.

There appears to be a bug in this checkout - I also had a customer today who could not correct his cc info after putting in a wrong expiry date - and I have disabled OnePage so customers don't have issues. That seemed to be the only solution at this point.
Regardless of the behavior in YOUR cart, the answer I provided is a correct possibility for carts "out of the box". There is no code/bug in the Smart OPC that would enable/disable the Smart OPC cart "randomly".

What version is your cart exactly? There was an issues with the correction of mis-entered cc numbers for anon customers that was resolved in version