How can I unpublish the price of a product that originally had a price but is now call for order?

I have StoreFront and I have products that we originally posted with prices but due to the custom nature of the product we want them to only display "Call for Pricing"

I have toggled Show Buy Button to Off and Call to Order to Yes but the price is still being displayed. Any help would be appreciated!
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Try setting the Product-level attribute "HidePriceUntilCart" to true (or 1) on those products. With the combination of attributes "Call to Order" and "Hide Price Until Cart", users won't be able to see the prices.

We had a similar need with some major appliances that our vendor didn't necessarily want sold online. We got permission to list them, as long as we didn't provide any pricing information or accept online orders.
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Both of your suggestions are toggled but I am still seeing the price.
That's odd, the HidePriceUntilCart should, by itself, mask the price.

Are you using modified XML Packages on the pages that display that information?

It could be that the developer who did the mods left off honoring those to be toggled, which would require modifying the XML package to fix.

I just verified against the stock aspdnsf_ProductInfo and aspdnsf_GetProducts stored procedures, and both should be returning the HidePriceUntilCart value for each product. That means that your XML package(s) probably isn't set up to do anything with that value.

Take a peak into the entity-package that is displaying the price and do Find for "HidePriceUntilCart", if you don't come back with anything, then that's your culprit.

Follow-up question, is the price continuing to display across all your pages, or is it just on a few? If not all of them, then which entity-pages are showing it?
you are right we are running custom XML packages. I think I remember seeing one that didn't post a price a while back. I am going to see if I can find the product that had that XML package and set the page to that package. Will update