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does having duplicate xml files in the template and root xml directories cause an error in the system log?

i have some of the same xml packages in the root xml director as i have in the skin xml directory. When I edit the product i see both of the xml packages on the main tab under display format xmlpackage. Is it ok to remove the duplicate xml file from the root xml directory?

The file is in both the root and template xml directories is product.tabbedui.xml.config. One of the xml files is causing an error in the system log, but i don't know which one it is.
asked Jun 10, 2015 in General by mkeith1 (220 points)

1 Answer

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My understanding of the architecture is that a skin-specific xml package will take precendence over a package with the same name in the root directory. The template xml directory works essentially as an override of the root directory, allowing you to customize your site's template without compromising the integrity of the original storefront code.

The two files should not conflict with each other, since the existence of the template-specific one ought to simply pre-empt any references to the other path.

With that understanding, the error you are seeing is likely to originate within your template-specific xml package.

If you suspect that this may not be the case, please check (in Multi-Store versions) under Configuration >> Store Maintenance >> Domains >> {your store's domain} to see what value is selected in the "Skin ID" options. Most likely, this is set to "Skin_1", which should correspond to your template directory name. If so, then your error is almost certainly within the template-specific xml package.
answered Jun 11, 2015 by Chris (3,685 points)