When a our customer is updating a product that has multiple images the micro images do not seem to update.  They have recently rephotograped multiple images so the result is that the little images below the larger image looks different that what it produces on mouseover. Cache has been cleared (multiple times) and app_pool reset. We looked directly on the server and sure enough the files are still the old ones. How can this be resolved?
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Is the AppConfig MultiMakesMicros set to true?
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Yes this is set to true.
I tested the functionality from 9.3 on through 9.4, and it worked in those versions, so if you don't mind I have a few obvious questions:

Is the AppConfig "LargeOverwritesOthers" set to true?

When they are on the Product Image tab, and they click then Large Multi-Image Manager and then choose new images, do they hit the "Update" button on the pop-up?  I notice when the images are large it hides the button until you resize the pop-up.

Can you delete the current "old" Micro images, say via FTP?  I am wondering if they have a file-lock on them of some sort.  If you can, delete and then recreate them.

I noticed that using Large Multi-Image Manager to delete (checking the Delete box, hitting update) leaves the micro image(s).  Doesn't really address the problem you're having, but I thought I'd point it out to avoid confusion.
Sorry for the late reply, I'm not getting the comment emails.

Yes LargeOverwritesOthers is set to true.  There is no locking on the file system.  As for the update button, wouldn't they have to click on the 'Update' button for the new images to save in the first place?  I assuming yes on that one as well.

Adding to this question.   In addition to not replacing existing micro images the system also is not creating new micro images when new images are added. Case in point - http://shop.bellaumbrella.com/p-125-bella-umbrella-black-white-pinwheel-pagoda-umbrellas.aspx.

In regards to permissions, interestingly enough the system does seem to create/add micro images for the attribute images of the product (i.e. 125_2_.jpg) the modified date is accurate.  But it is not accurate and thus not been changed for the main micro image (i.e. 125_2.jpg).