Whenever I go to the "Shipping Rates Table" utility in the store front admin menu I can get to the screen where you choose your method, i.e. Calculate Shipping By...."

We have "calculate shipping by total" selected. We offer free shipping for oders over $500 and we we have set amounts for the ranges under $500. Whenever I click to define shipping methods in the link below, it just takes me in a loop to the same menu where you choose your method. It says I have no "shipping method defined" which is impossible because I do.


No shipping methods are defined. Click here to define your shipping methods




I can't get to the screen shown in the screen shot on the store front tutorial found here where it seems like I should be able to easily edit and delete the rates in the tabel.

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I have encountered numerous problems with the shipping rate table declarations in the admin panel of v9.2.0.0. The only way that I have been able to successfully and correctly set these rates is by issuing T-SQL insert and update statements directly in the database.

Apparently there are known issues with this admin interface that were resolved in newer versions of the software. Upgrading to 9.5 would resolve the issue, but may not be a feasible solution for your organization.
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The shipping rates table in is notoriously awful. The insert logic to the database is really flawed, and you'll end up with about the worst mess you could think of. Seriously, it's so bad I almost think they engineered it to mess you up.
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Sounds Promising.
The only way I've ever found to get it straightened out (short of jumping up 3 product versions) is to insert the values of your rate table directly to the database using T-SQL statements.

If you would like some assistance writing out the script for that, you can PM me with your rate table, shipping methods and IDs, and the calculation method you are intending to use.

Our lead for database and development was able to extract the shipping rate table. I am going to give him an updated version and we are going to see if he can simply update the table via the changes. If this solution works I would like you to post your reply as an answer so I can upvote it. I have not tried the AllowShippingFiltering yet but that very well may work too.

Thanks for your responses
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The slightly more promising answer here is that while there definitely were some serious issues on that page in 9.2, they've all been resolved as part of the admin console rewrite in 9.5, so upgrading should straighten you out.

If upgrading isn't in the cards right now, if I remember right the problems on thate page in those older versions were largely around multi-store functionality and StoreIDs not being set/looked up properly.  You might try setting the AllowShippingFiltering GlobalConfig to true temporarily, and see if you get the options you're looking for.  It'd be best to try that in a staging/dev environment first of course.
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The problems are far more nuanced than that. My organization uses the MultiStore product, but only runs a single store. Our calculation method is Shipping By Total By Percent, and entering any ranges of values applies it to that range for all shipping methods. That results in numerous conflicting shipping rate tables, which causes the shipping method select and calculate shipping methods to go into seizures when run on the checkout pages.

I'm glad to hear that the problem was resolved in 9.5, it's just a shame that it took so many years and versions to get it squared away.