I'd like to change what the forgot password email says.  

Right now, after customers get the email with their temporary password, they're confused when they go to sign in and are asked for their "old" password.  In fact, what they need to enter is their "temporary" password from the email, so we want to tell them that in the forgot password email.  Is that done through string resources, or is there a more direct way to make changes?
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The email message is generated based on an XML package (in 9.2, at least) named 'notification.lostpassword.xml.config' by default. This can be changed using the AppConfig value 'XmlPackage.LostPassword'.
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Most emails the software sends are generated in part by XmlPackages.  That one comes from the notification.lostpassword.xml.config file.

The text on the signin page when actually setting a new password comes from Prompts.  You can see which ones by following these directions.

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