We have a form that was created using the sendform.aspx files to send an email to us in regards to questions about specific products.  When the link was clicked, it used a popout window to display the xml package that contains the form.  This form no longer functions on 9.5.1.  The form displays properly, but when clicking submit, nothing happens.  the submit button is a javascript button if that makes any difference.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Thanks for your help in advance

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All our forms broke when migrating to 9.5.1. I found out that sendform.apsx is longer supported or included in the directory and we had to rebuild all of our contact forms using secureform.aspx by building off the ContactUs.aspx and /controls/Contact.ascx pages.
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Thanks for the reply.  After a little more digging I did find this out.  Once pointed in the right direction, it was relatively easy to put forms together!